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At HWM Tech, we take immense pride in the innovative and impactful projects we've had the privilege to undertake. Explore our portfolio to gain insights into how we have applied our IT proficiency across various industries. Our consultants have hands-on experience testing systems, crafting system requirements, managing projects, and offering creative solutions to meet our customers' needs. Witness how we've tackled complex challenges, engaged customers with strategic solutions, and delivered transformative outcomes. Our work exemplifies the seamless fusion of technology and vision, providing tangible value to our clients. 

Explore noteworthy achievements showcasing the exceptional work we've delivered for our clients. 

SPY-6 ​

HWM Tech’s IT consultant brought invaluable software project management expertise to the SPY-6 project, ensuring a smooth and efficient development process for the radar software. Leading a collaborative effort among development stakeholders, the consultant facilitated effective communication to overcome roadblocks and propel the team forward in achieving project milestones. They maintained a direct line of communication with the client, comprehending the priority of radar capabilities and seamlessly aligning them within the software build plan. The consultant played a pivotal role in ensuring the timely development, testing, and deployment of radar capabilities to the ship, diligently addressing any software defects that arose. Notably, our consultant also undertook the responsibility of budget allocation for the software team, distributing funds strategically among development, defect fixes, and testing teams in accordance with release needs. This meticulous approach not only ensured the success of the SPY-6 project but also exemplified our consultant's commitment to effective project management and client satisfaction. 

OTCnet Application

Our skilled IT consultant played a crucial role in enhancing the OTCnet application's performance. Through meticulous functional, database, and API testing, the consultant ensured seamless payment processing and accurate data storage within OTCnet. By navigating rigorous testing scenarios, potential areas for improvement were identified and addressed, guaranteeing a smooth and reliable user experience. Collaborating closely with stakeholders, the consultant conducted in-depth requirements analysis to comprehend and document the specific needs of the OTCnet application. This focused and personalized approach optimized the application's efficiency, providing our client with a tailored, robust, and reliable solution for seamless payment processing and data management. 

Single TouchPoint

Our dedicated IT consultant took the lead in advancing the Single TouchPoint application, a pivotal initiative of the Department of the Treasury aimed at streamlining the digital payment system for federal agencies. Engaging in open communication with the client, our consultant meticulously understood their needs and translated them into comprehensive business application requirements. At the forefront of this RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) endeavor, the consultant not only provided the best possible solution for the Single TouchPoint application but also drafted the requirements for this innovative system. Furthermore, our consultant developed a robust application testing strategy, ensuring thorough testing of the newly crafted application. This comprehensive approach not only facilitated the smooth implementation of the Single TouchPoint application but also exemplified our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that align seamlessly with the unique needs of our clients. 


Our adept IT consultant took charge of the OFCCP application, overseeing a team of testers and Business Analysts to guarantee its seamless functionality for all Department of Labor contractors and employees. The collaborative efforts of the team, under the leadership of our consultant, ensured that the OFCCP application not only met but exceeded the expectations of compliance and regulations set by the Department of Labor. To enhance user understanding and compliance, the team diligently reviewed and updated the training content within the OFCCP application, covering all the necessary compliance and regulations mandated by the Department of Labor. Additionally, our consultant played a pivotal role in the creation of training materials, contributing to the development of informative videos and documents tailored to the specific needs of the Department of Labor. This comprehensive approach underscores our commitment to providing effective solutions that address the intricate requirements of our clients in the realm of regulatory compliance.


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